[X3 REWARDS POINT!] Beach BBQ Bonfire

Beach Front

About this deal:

Beach BBQ Bonfire is back at Damai Beach Resort! Enjoy discount and earn X3 reward points. Wait no more, grab it with just few taps away!

What do you get for this deal:

  • Appetizers
    • Ulam Ulaman (Pegaga, Kangkung, Ulam Raja, Cucumber, Blanched Cabbage, Selom, Grilled Brinjal, Tapioca Leaf, Lady Finger, Bottle Nut & Long Bean or French Bean) Salted Egg,  Salted Fish, Cencalok, Indonesian Sambal Terasi, Salad In The Bowl (Chicken Pasta Salad, Thai Spicy Duck Salad, Lemon Herb Mediterranean Prawn Salad, Chinese Rainbow Rolled, Fish Umai, Four Colour Roll Salad, Thai Beef Salad, Crab Stick Meat With Honey Dew Salad, Purple Cabbage Coleslaw, Potato Green Pea Carrot Cold Salad), Rojak Counter (Jambu Air, Pineapple, Turnip, Cucumber, Green Apple, Red Apple, Tahu Goreng Served with Ground Nut & Rojak Paste), Salad Counter (Red & Green Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber, Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Tomatoes, Red Capsicum, Green Capsicum, Yellow Capsicum, Mixed Seed, Walnut, Raisin, Dry Apricot, Raisin & Mixed Fruits, Kidney Bean, Chick Pea, Barley, Brown Rice, Asian Sesame Dressing, Italian Dressing, Thousand Island Dressing), Hummus with Crudites (Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, French Bean All Served In Glass)
  • Main Course
    • Yangzhou Fried Rice, Fried Yellow Noodle, Seafood Pasta Au Gratin, Manok Pansoh Pedas with Tapioca Leaf, Shell Out Spicy Marinara Sauce (Flower Crab, Slipper Prawn, Cockles, Corn On Cob, Cauliflower & Carrot), Shell Out Chilli Curry Leaf, Butter Milk (Prawns, Mussel, Lala (Thousand Cracked Snails), Corn On Cob, Carrot & Broccoli), Shell Out Curried (Slipper Prawns, Razor Shell (Ambal), Squid, Yam, Sweet Yellow Potatoes, Pumpkin, Purple Sweet Potatoes), Fried Fish Finger with Tatar Sauce, Sweet & Sour Mixed Seafood (Fish Ball,Crab Stick, Prawn Meat Ball, with Tomatoes Pineapple & Cucumber), Mixed of Dim Sum with Egg Drop Sauce. Sauteed Mixed Sausage Chicken & Beef with Onion Carrot & Celery, Classic Jacket Potatoes with Condiments, Braised Beancurd with Minced Chicken & Mushroom, Sauteed Sauteed Cabbage Carrot with Anchovies, Sauteed Garlic Buttered Garden Vegetable
  • Hot from the Grill
    • Marinated Lamb Shoulder, Marinated Chicken Wings, Marinated Chicken Bishop Nose Satay, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Botok Ikan Tongkol, Sausage, Otak-otak served with (BBQ Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Brown Mushroom Sauce, Chili & Tomatoes Sauce, Mint Sauce & Chili Garlic Soy Sauce)
  • Dessert
    • Red Velvet Cheese Frosting, Blueberry Cream Cake, Chocolate Cream Cake, Orange Cream Cake, Kiwi Cream Cake, Strawberry Cream Cake, Marble Butter Cake, Pandan Butter Cake, Rainbow Butter Cake, Cappuccino Butter Cake, Pandan Pudding Cake, Yam Pudding Cake, Chocolate Pudding Cake, Assorted Rolls Cake, 5 type Fresh Fruits (Banana, Orange, Watermelon, Honeydew, Papaya)
  • Beverage
    • 3 Types Cordial & Infused Water (Pandan Bandung, Ros Selasih, Asam Boi)

Fine Prints:

  • Show your e-voucher upon redemption (in Booking Section of the app).
  • Strictly NO outside food and drinks are allowed.
  • All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia & inclusive of 0% SST. 
  • Venue will be changed to indoor; Cafe Satang if the weather does not permit.

Redemption Instructions:

  • Valid only at Damai Beach Front, Damai Beach Resort 
  • Valid date: Saturday, from 6.30pm - 10.00pm
  • For reservation and enquiry, please contact:
    • Josephine Ranchang : 012-880 0353  or 
    • Janara : 012-853 9207 or
    • Hotline: 019-886 4088
    • Email: resvn@damaibeachresort.com
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